Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Last Blooms

Fall is always a sad-happy time for me...I love the change in temperature and the crisp feeling I get when going for my walks, but I'm sad to see the flowers die and the earth turn its' brown stage of color. So, here's two of my favorite flowers!

The pretty purple flower Les bought after seeing it in service. We love it! It is so dainty and colorful with its' delicate while laced edges.

The other is an African Violet that I purchased and have not tried to nuture. It blooms faithfully for me, perhaps begging for one more season.

I took pictures of some other remaining flowers, but they looked worse than they really are! Anyway, enjoy my last summer blooms!


  1. oh they're beautiful! i know what you mean about the happy/sad feeling--i am sad that my hibiscus will soon die :(

  2. those purple flowers are so dainty and pretty!