Tuesday, September 8, 2009

6th Month Anniversary

Well, here it is 6 months of marital bliss! We have had lots of fun and lots of adjustments...it's a rewarding challenge.
Our dinner was going to be at Diamond Back's, but they were closed due to the Labor Day Holiday, so we went to 135 Prime or is it Prime 135? Anyway, we had a very nice dinner of wine, New York Strip steak , garlic mashed potatoes and delicious salad. Oh, and wonderful olive bread.

After dinner we came home and opened presents. Les bought me a pretty diamond ankle bracelet--unfortunately it was a little small so he's getting that taken care of today. A nice surprise!!! My gift to him was a Cross ballpoint pen (not pictured). It's really pretty but not quite the equal...although he really liked it.

We sat on the patio under the stars and listened to music...and reflected!
It was a very nice evening and a special memory!


  1. what a great 6 month anniversary! your dinner sounded wonderful, and i love the ankle bracelet!

  2. That's so sweet. Sounds wonderful. You both look very happy!

  3. wow~~how sweet! what a nice evening and beautiful anklet!