Monday, October 12, 2009

TV Dinner

Sunday was a "stay home" day, at least for Les. I bought groceries after the meeting and delivered Mom & Dad with their shopping request. After that I decided to watch a movie and it was one of my favorites, "To Catch a Thief". We had eaten lunch at Olive Garden so it seemed to me that we should have a light dinner while watching TV. And we did! Consisting of laMadeleine Tomato Basil soupe, broiled sausage, cheese, crackers,veggies, wine and a lemmon pie.

This reminded me of years ago when we would have a fun dinner and watch TV in our I thought you girls would appreciate reminiscing. Is it any wonder that you both are constantly serving gourmet dinners???


  1. your dinner looked wonderful! some of my favorite memories growing up are us eating a tv dinner around the coffee table in the den! and i want some of that pie after all :)

  2. that brought back so many fun memories...eating in the den, watching old movies! what a very pretty little dinner you had there. and that pie looks delicious!