Thursday, November 19, 2009

shopping day in salado

today danielle and i went to salado for the afternoon to shop around. in front of one of the stores was this beautiful tree. don't the clouds look pretty behind it? it was perfect weather for shopping outside-cool and breezy. this porch i'm standing on is the front of a little shop called horsefeathers. we found some beautiful things in here. can't wait to come back when i'm decorating our new home!

this was in front of a cute baby photography studio
the front of an old building. isn't the combination of old brick and rock pretty?

what a fun day! the next time we come back will be with little sadie!


  1. what an interesting post {wink wink}
    your pictures are beautiful!

  2. what a great "new" blog you've got going on here! looks like you had such a fun day! maybe we can go sometime i'm there!

  3. Susan, I hope you start posting more often. It makes me feel closer to all my friends back home! I really enjoy seeing and hearing what everyone is doing.

    It looks like you had a wonderful time in Salado. I used to enjoy going down there with mom and Regina. It's been ages, but your pictures brought back lots of good memories!

    You look beautiful as always!

    Love you!